5 Ideas to Attract New Clients for Your Architecture Firm


Seeking New Clients for Your Architecture Firm?

Marketing Ideas to Help Attract New Clients

As a principal at an architecture firm, you are probably obsessed with designing spaces that work. We approach marketing with that same goal in mind: It needs to work! Good marketing should help attract  qualified leads and build your client base.

We build marketing plans with selected strategies and tactics to match each of our architecture firm clients. While there are no cookie-cutter solutions, here are some of our favorite ideas that haven proven to be adaptable and successful in helping our clients find and win clients and projects. 

1. Use Social Media

If you're not already actively utilizing social media for your architecture business, you need to start now. Even if you don't have an employee with the title of Social Media Manager, you and your team can dive in and get it done. Just be sure to have one person responsible for overseeing social media efforts on a regular basis.

First, figure out which social media channel will be most effective for your business. You might also consider if and how you can advertise on your chosen social media. Facebook, Instagram, and Houzz are popular with architects, and not only for those serving residential clients. Getting your account and business page set it doesn't take long. Always use great photos and size images to work well in banners and posts.

Next, decide how much you can take on—three posts a week or one post a day—go ahead and start small and work your way up to more frequent sharing. 

Then plan out a week or two of posts. Create a schedule and gather the images and information you'll want to share. Keep your posts relevant to your ideal potential clients and have posts that take people to your website for more. Scheduling tools, like Bufferapp, can make it less time-consuming to create and schedule weeks' worth of posts in one sitting.

You can also use Facebook Ads to target your desired prospects based on specific demographics and behaviors. While keeping up with daily posts can often be managed in house, creating successful Facebook ad campaigns is best done by someone with the experience and skills to build, monitor, and adjust a campaign so you get value for your ad spend.

2. Ask for Referrals & Reviews

Most architects tell us they rely on word of mouth for new business. So how can you get the right word of mouth referrals, more qualified leads with more interesting projects that fit your style and vision? Start by asking past clients for referrals. Be specific. Ask if they know anyone with a similar type of project. Your happy former clients are most likely to know what you do best and can speak first-hand about how you work. They are most likely to recommend you to someone who will be a good fit.  

When you wrap up a successful project, make it a routine to ask the client to write a review online (Google, Facebook, your business LinkedIn profile are good places to gather reviews). 

Simply getting into the habit of asking for referrals and reviews will help you turn happy clients into champions for your firm. The positive feedback and opinions these clients share with family, friends, co-workers, and the public will help good prospects seek out your firm.

3. Try Video Marketing Campaigns

Gary Vaynerchuk, a serial entrepreneur, calls video "the single most important strategy in content marketing." Videos are a key way to get the most out of your online content, whether it's on your website, in your blog, or part of your social media.

Videos can be as short as 30-seconds or up to 10-minutes (or more). Start with short and simple. Stick to a single topic or point for each video. You can use video as a brief intro to a longer blog post, take people on a walk-through of a construction site, or show your team at work. 

As you get comfortable with videos, try to create a mix of promotional, informational, and personality videos. Each video you create should be engaging, focused, and have a call to action for the viewer to follow as a next step.  

Sharing your videos on social media, such as Facebook and YouTube, gives you greater exposure and can be a key tactic to help you build a position of authority and leadership in your market segment. 

4. Recycle Content that Worked

If your firm has already built a strong online presence, odds are you have some website and social media content that gained attention and has performed well—pulling in website traffic, or earning comments and shares.

You can repurpose content and tweak campaigns to get even more results. 

Check out the blogs you've written that attracted visitors to your website and find new ways to use the content. Adapt it for a video or and info graphic, pull out quotes to create a series of social media posts that link back to the blog post. Even consider how you can use some of the content in an email marketing campaign to past clients or new prospects.

Keep up with what works, and look for ways to build on it.

5. Share your Opinions 

Look for opportunities to speak to groups of people in your target audience. Or provide a guest article or blog to an association that serves your best clients. For example, if you design boutique retail or high-end restaurants, write or present about how architectural design can improve the retail experience or help a chef create a unique dining hot spot. 

Be willing to open up and share your opinions and your stories. Stand for or against a style or trend, and talk or write about why that's important to you and your work as an architect. 

This positions you for your expertise and leadership, and helps your audience see you as the go-to architect for their needs.

Looking for new —  and better — clients for your architecture firm?

Adding these tactics to your current marketing efforts — or even ditching some worn out activities in favor of adding something new —could be the jump start you need to drive growth and attract new clients to your architecture firm.

Social media can help you engage with both new and old clients. Nurturing relationships with past clients can motivate them to refer new clients and projects to you. Producing a project video and repurposing the best of your existing blog posts, articles, and social media posts, can grab attention and help you draw prospects to your website.

If you aren't sure where or how to start, we are ready to help. It's what we do every day.

Archmark works with architects to help them build a strong brand foundation for business growth, establish authority to take a leadership position in their market, and create awareness that attracts qualified leads and better clients.

We focus on how to build up your business, so you can focus on leading your firm. It starts with a free 30-minute architecture marketing strategy review call to help you:

  • Get clarity on why your current digital marketing efforts aren't working
  • (re)Define your competitive advantage
  • Discover insights into your ideal clients that you never would have thought of on your own

Find out how we can help you. Schedule your strategy review call today to see how we can help your architecture firm go even further.