How to Get Architecture Projects Online with a Digital-First Strategy


Attract Better Projects with a Digital-First Branding Strategy

Learn How to Get Architecture Projects Online with a Digital-First Strategy

Digital transformation is changing how professional services firms are engaging with potential clients. Just as architects and designers have adopted technologies to improve day-to-day work, it's also time to embrace digital technologies for marketing and business development.

Learn how to get architecture projects online with a digital-first strategy. What does it mean to take a digital-first approach to branding and marketing? Digital channels provide cost-effective solutions for direct customer engagement and can be ideal for communicating your unique areas of expertise.

Digital-First Strategies for Architects

Unlike other professional services, your services represent an art form. The quality and appeal of your work is in a world of its own.

The appeal of your work is always changing. Your prospects must know you can consult on their specific needs. You must show them you are equipped to service their unique projects.

A digital-first approach supports this agenda. You can easily adapt messaging to target groups. You can leverage your expertise and offer valuable and engaging content right away.

In time, you can begin unique conversations with potential clients. You can begin these conversations through digital channels. All of this can occur before those prospects enter your sales process.

At the most basic, a digital-first strategy to branding puts your online presence at the heart of your marketing efforts. 

1. Immediate

The digital-first strategy serves the "right now" need that keeps people constantly connected, surfing, searching. You have mere seconds to capture their attention.  

And just as soon as they find you, they want value. Sharing benefits is one way to maintain their interest, begin meaningful conversations, and engage new leads.

2. Mobile

Be honest: When was the last time you looked at your website on your smartphone? 

Your website serves as the hub for all digital traffic. Much of your business will begin with visits to your website, and more and more that's on a mobile device, not a big desktop screen.

Be sure your website design is optimized to look good, and function well, on all devices.

3. Current

Digital technologies are making it easier to stay up to date and follow trends. With a digital-first brand strategy, you can use your website and social platforms to stand out be recognized for original content and relevant information.

For an architect or designer, projects are a major source of original content online. It is especially important to keep your digital portfolio current on your website and easy to share across your social media accounts.

4. Focused

The digital transformation goes hand-in-hand with the rise of social media. There's a variety of specialized social media and platforms (think Houzz and Architizer) serving architecture and design. This makes it easier to focus on reaching and attracting your best prospects and partners.

Focus is fundamental to effective business growth. If you've already worked on a strategic plan, you may have identified ideal customer personas. The next step is to craft a digital-first brand strategy that helps you market to your ideal audience.

5. Found

When they search, will they find you? Does your current brand strategy include Search Engine Optimization and Keyword strategies to raise your presence in online searches? 

When your website content is focused on a specific customer persona and serves up current content that is relevant to their needs, with the answers they seek, you are far more likely to be found when they start searching.

Where to start?

Digital channels are accessible and powerful. But it's easy to fall short when you don't have the right strategy.

With a solid digital-first brand strategy, you'll be ready to face, embrace, and benefit as technologies continue to transform the way we work and communicate.

If you aren't sure where or how to start, we are ready to help. It's what we do every day.

Archmark works with architects to help them build a strong brand foundation for business growth, establish authority to take a leadership position in their market, and create awareness that attracts qualified leads and better clients.

We focus on how to build up your business, so you can focus on leading your firm. It starts with a free 30-minute architecture marketing strategy review call to help you:

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