Marketing for Architects: Leverage Your Local Expertise


Turn local expertise into a marketing advantage for your firm!

Use Local Expertise To Boost Your Architecture Firm’s Marketing.

There are nearly 9,000 licensed architects here in our home state of Florida. As a local architecture firm, setting your firm apart from the competition and attracting the right clients and projects can be a serious challenge.

Florida Architecture-cslupski.jpg

The amazing variety of Florida architecture projects:

Hotels & Resorts
Golf & Tennis Clubs
Retirement & Lifecare Communities
Medical Facilities
Luxury Waterfront Homes
Coastal Lifestyle Communities
Open-air Shopping Centers
Corporate Offices and Mixed Use Spaces
Educational & Institutional Campuses
Historic Preservation/Restoration/Revitalization

and more… what’s your passion?

What can you do to capitalize on being a Florida architect and position your firm to reap greater benefits and grow in the Sunshine State? 

We’ve detailed three ways to make your local expertise work for you to amplify your architecture firm’s marketing.

(Not in Florida? Keep reading …These ideas are easy to adapt to work for your architecture firm wherever you work!)

1. Connect with local issues & building needs to raise your profile

Florida cities and coastal towns face a complex range of issues, growing pains, economic challenges, environmental and sustainability issues. Chances are good that your approach to architecture helps answer at least one of those local challenges. 

Downtown revitalization projects, coastal erosion and sea-level rise concerns, and transportation challenges are just some of the critical needs that present great opportunity for architects to lead the way with their practical expertise and visionary thinking.

Take what you know about the issues, and what you know how to do, and get out there and share it:

Raise your profile as an architect and a local leader

  • Get published locally - Engage your local audience and increase credibility for your architecture firm by reaching out to local and regional newspapers, lifestyle, and business publications. Offer to write an article on one of those local issues. Depending on the issue and your firm, you can go for a neutral informative article or write more of an opinion piece and clearly take a stand for your firm.

  • Speak to local organizations - Not everyone loves public speaking but the benefits of getting courageous enough to step on the stage can be worth it. Looking for opportunities to speak to groups and associations, such as ASID, BIA, NAHB, and ULI are great starting points. However, also look for opportunities to to get in front of local business leaders through Chambers of Commerce, Rotary, and and professional networking organizations.

  • Be social - Build your following on social media by focusing on the platforms your prospects and partners are most likely to use. For example, Facebook or Instagram may be best for residential architects to attract homeowners, while Linkedin may be the right place for commercial architects to connect with business owners and executives. Find ways to use social media to show off your personality and call attention to your local roots — even adding hashtags like #FloridaArchitecture, #FloridaArchitect, etc.

These approaches work because it’s about educating people by sharing your insights and expertise, so be sure to avoid pitching or selling in these situations!

2. Serve the local climate, lifestyle & work needs to demonstrate your expertise

Non-stop heat, high humidity, relentless sun, pouring rain, raging winds, rising water—just a typical Florida summer day! Sunshine State architects know a lot about designing for the climate, heat, humidity, winds, hurricanes; for waterfront and beachfront environments and low-lying sea-level locations.

How do local conditions influence your design decisions and materials selection? What do you do to design more efficient and sustainable buildings?

What are the latest developments and technology in architecture, and how are you adapting to those in your firm?

Know what's trending and talk about it. Consider how you can add content to your website that relates to those topics of local interest. By being the architect who shares that specific expertise, you can help set yourself apart from other firms in the area.

3. Reflect (or challenge) local tradition in your signature architecture style to attract more of the right projects

While downtown Miami is known for its sleek, modern style, and Miami Beach features iconic art deco and mid-century architecture, the Gulf Coast is a mix of mediterranean themes and modern beach style. And that’s in contrast to the beachfront cottage style of the Panhandle coast and traditional tin-roof “Cracker” style of Central Florida.

So …What are you known for? What’s your take on "Florida" or "coastal" or "southern" architectural design? Does it embrace or challenge your local traditions?

Do you design buildings that are recognizably "signed" by you? Maybe it's your choice of cladding materials, or floating walls, or suspended ceilings, or atriums and natural light. Whatever it is, find ways to showcase that unique aspect of your work — and attract the kind of clients who value what you do.

Look at opportunities to translate big picture ideas and trends to fit your clients’ needs in the local market. While it may seem that design in New York or Los Angeles, London or Tokyo are world’s away from Florida building needs, you can be the architect to bring new perspectives to the local market.

Even if you design for a variety of projects, get clarity about that special something that shows it’s your work and not someone else.

Make Your Local Expertise A Part Of Your Strategic Marketing Plan.

Being an architect in Florida requires you to know what marketing techniques work best to help your firm to stand out from your competitors.

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