Strategic Blueprint is Foundation for Growth 

Coastal Craftsmen Construction is a custom home building and remodeling contractor in Southwest Florida.
Our Work: Archmark Marketing Blueprint, Website Design

Starting with a plan

The Coastal Craftsmen partners had some ideas about marketing tactics, but without a clear strategy and plan, they weren't making progress on their goal to attract the right customers for their custom-designed, million-dollar homes. 


Our Blueprint process, helped them identify their ideal customers, get insight into the competitive market, set goals, and develop a strategy to guide marketing activities, including the design and development of an all-new website. 

Screenshot 2018-02-23 14.48.46.png
Screenshot 2018-02-23 14.49.13.png
Screenshot 2018-02-23 14.49.31.png
Screenshot 2018-02-23 15.23.20.png
The Blueprint process helped us focus and the new website looks amazing! Really reflects our quality and approach. Quite an improvement!
— Abel Natali, Coastal Craftsmen Construction

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