Creative marketing and website redesign adds up results!

Gamble Home Services is a home services and renovation/restoration company serving the exclusive Barrier Islands communities south of Charleston, South Carolina. 

Our Work:  Website Design, Facebook Content Strategy & Management
Result: Increased website visits and improved engagement

Gamble provides a full range of services for homeowners and needed to make it easy for people to find and order the right service. Our team reviewed business and audience priorities and applied what we learned to the design of a new website and supporting social media campaigns.


Adding Up Results

Increased page speed, improved content, simplified navigation, better imagery and enhanced SEO were key features of the new website that helped deliver results right away.Within the first two months: 

  • the number of website visitors increased by 160%
  • page views increased 197%

Site visitors spent more time on the site, with the average session time nearly doubling: Up from 1:28 minutes to 2:18 minutes.

I have never worked with a company that treated me like I was the only client. What I thought was going to be a small return turned out to be a brilliant result. This is a great company to work with!
— Mark Frisch / Gamble Home Services, South Carolina

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