Who's Who at ARCHMARK

Our Archmark team of branding and marketing professionals is dedicated to helping architects and designers take their businesses to new heights with better projects and improved profitability.

Beyond our work experience and education, we each have a special connection to the work we do and our choice to work closely with architects and designers. 

Bryon McCartney
Chief Idea Guy | Creative Director 


Bryon drives the creative vision and strategic development for client projects. He also tracks performance to keep projects on course to deliver results and help clients achieve their goals. 

Bryon sharpened his branding and marketing expertise leading online branding and communications projects for Calvin Klein, Credit Suisse, General Motors, Lipton Foods, and many others. He has also traveled the world on project assignments with global engineering and manufacturing firms like Alstom Power (now GE Power), Sulzer, and Zühlke Engineering.  


Bryon's story

As a young boy, Bryon was inspired and influenced by his grandfather, a construction engineer for Johnson Bros. "Growing up, I would spend weekends in my grandfather's woodworking shop helping him with his personal projects." His grandparent's home was filled with beautiful handbuilt prairie-style and craftsman-influenced furniture. "My grandfather taught me to 'Love the craft but respect the tools.''' 

Bryon's love for woodworking turned into a love for design, which lead him to study art and graphic design at Ohio University.

"In my freshman year, I took Graphic Design 101 where I met my mentor, Professor Karen Nulf." Bryon says the design experience at OU was really unique at the time. "Our program was based on the Bauhaus principles. Adding to that, Karen had done a sabbatical in Japan so we had this 'East Meets West' influence in our work."

While at OU, Bryon was also exposed to influential visiting designers, including Takenobou Igarashi, Michael Manwaring, Koichi Sato, and Massimo Vignelli.  

Immediately after graduation, Bryon moved to Chicago to start his career in graphic design. "Chicago blew me away from the start. On lunch hours and weekends, I would visit architectural landmarks by Mies van der Rohe, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Daniel Burnham. To step inside these iconic buildings was truly inspiring."

On a whim, Bryon entered a design contest sponsored by Robert Morris University. With the theme, "The state of artistic expression," the challenge was to create a poster that represented how artistic expression was changing with the advent of the personal computer and digital technologies. His winning poster hangs in his office today, a reminder of how technology continues to influence our lives. "When I designed that poster, the personal computer and desktop publishing were just starting to influence design and marketing. Now, we live in an age where technology is constantly evolving how we work. It's been inspiring to witness those changes, and it keeps me motivated to keep up-to-date and keep learning about the next big thing."

Kellie Nolan McCartney
Boss Storyteller | Strategic Planner 

Kellie Nolan portrait.jpg

With her extensive background in marketing communications and agency management, Kellie focuses on getting the message and content right. She also keeps a close eye on all the project details to provide great client service from start to successful finish. 

A veteran of Public Relations and marketing communications. She spent nearly 20 years with a national PR firm, developing and leading projects for clients at Delta Faucet, Dow, Firestone Building Products, and Schindler. In 2000, Kellie moved from Chicago to Zurich, Switzerland to establish and manage the PR firm's European branch. Seven years later, she put that start-up experience to work as she and Bryon set their own creative services agency. 

Living in the heart of Europe gave Kellie great opportunities to hone her language skills and explore the art and architecture she had loved as a kid and studied in college. 

Kellie's story

As a kid growing up in Connecticut, Kellie was often treated to a day at work with her father. "Dad was my very own guide to exploring Manhattan in the 1960s. He worked in broadcasting and had a real-life "Mad Men" office on Park Avenue." Penn Station and Grand Central, the Empire State building and the Chrysler building, and carriage rides through Central Park left lasting impressions.

Childhood picnic with a view! Philip Johnson's Glass House sparked Kellie's interest in architecture and minimalism.

Childhood picnic with a view! Philip Johnson's Glass House sparked Kellie's interest in architecture and minimalism.

Kellie's mom was the artist in the family. "If it was a trip into the city, she led me through the Met and the Guggenheim, and past store windows displaying fashions inspired by Jackie Kennedy, and Audrey Hepburn," she explains. "What my mom liked even more were outings closer to home, driving the parkways and ridge roads of Stamford and New Canaan. She would pack a picnic and we'd lunch atop the stone wall overlooking Philip Johnson's Glass House." 

At the young age of 7, Kellie was already forming design sensibilities and a love for art and architecture that would influence her education, work, and her taste in fashion and furniture.

The year Kellie turned 12, her dad's career took the family from New York to Chicago. "I remember my dad bought an Eames chair for his new office overlooking Michigan Avenue. The chair still has a home in our family!"

Even after years of living and traveling in Europe, Kellie is still in love with the Chicago. "The lakeshore, skyline, architecture, and Art Institute still take my breath away." 

Crystal Wimperis 
Design Diva | Marketing Specialist


Crystal has a knack for giving clients beautiful websites that have a clean and modern look, while improving their online performance. 

The first to graduate with a B.B.A. from the University of Minnesota's blended marketing design program, Crystal balances analytical thinking with creative exploration to develop graphics and marketing materials that help clients stand out from the crowd.


Crystal's story

"Growing up, every house I lived in was a fixer upper." Crystal says she was surrounded by design and construction at every turn. "My grandfathers worked in masonry and carpentry, and enjoyed woodworking in their spare time. My great-grandfather owned a greenhouse business, and passed on his passion for beautiful gardens to my generation."

At a very young age, Crystal remembers helping her parents with DIY renovation projects. And there were a lot of them! "Whether it was tearing out sheetrock, painting the walls, or helping my mom lay tile…I was always involved." As young as the age of five, she tagged along with her dad on job sites to help him renovate RVs.

"As a teenager, HGTV was one of my favorite channels. It gave me and my mom inspiration for our next project!" Crystal's love of design nearly led her to pursue a degree in interior design.

Instead, she was captivated by the university's new, blended degree in marketing and design. During a hands-on ad & communications class, Crystal led her team in creating an integrated marketing plan for a local business. "I loved the client interaction and the process of asking questions, conducting hours of research, and devising a plan."

Best of all, she explains, was then shifting gears to put the plan into creative action, using graphic design to bring the brand to life. It was learning this process that prepared and inspired her for the work she’s doing today.

Although her career is firmly in marketing and graphic design, Crystal admits she will always have a place in her heart for interior design.

Use the link above to schedule a call. Our puppy, Lucky, hasn't completed mail delivery training, yet.

Use the link above to schedule a call. Our puppy, Lucky, hasn't completed mail delivery training, yet.